RV Retirement Living Considerations

The digital era has brought with it some interesting side effects. One of which is mobility. The availability of internet and cellphone coverage is making mobile lifestyles easier and more fun. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are of course equipped with all the comforts of home, including power supplies for all your electronic devices. Flat screen TVs, monitors, chargers, computers, tablets and cellphones benefit from strong cellphone and satellite coverage as well as capability power generators.

Some of the arguments for RV retirement need some deep, rational consideration. In a recent article “Ten Reasons To Retire To An RV” by RV Lifestyle Expert Author – Jaimie Hall Bruzenak , reasons promoting RV retirement are argued leaving out the obvious “yeah but…” counter-arguments.  None the less, it’s worthy of a read through to factor into your consideration.

As an RV rental business, we know the value of “try before you buy” and think you should ask more questions before coming to your own conclusion. There are plenty of awesome RV destinations around Atlanta, Georgia and the southeastern USA. Go explore some and see if permanent RV living is right for you. Who knows, you might just love it!

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