Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Shared RV Rentals

Renting an RV is a big deal. It’s a big vehicle with a lot going on. There’s plumbing, electronics, motors…it’s like a mini hotel on wheels! Renting from an individual is a hit-or-miss proposition. Some owners are great and spend a lot of money to clean and maintain their vehicles. Some do not. Which RV will you get? What kinds of problems will you have with a shared RV? Other peoples RV problems.

At  North Atlanta RV Rentals , you’ll get a new, professionally cleaned and maintained RV coach every time you rent from us. In case you are considering a shared RV, here’s a top 10 list to keep in mind!

Problems with Shared RV Rentals

#10 – Something’s crawling on me!

Unclean kitchens attract bugs. Need we say more? A fleet managed RV will be thoroughly cleaned after every rental. That includes cooktop grease. Depending where an RV is parked overnight can determine what unwanted passengers can smell the kitchen.

#9 – I’m here, but where’s my RV.

When you reserve a shared RV, it’s a single RV from a single owner. If the previous renter hasn’t returned it on time, they’ve got nothing else to offer you. Your vacation clock is burning but you’re not on vacation.  North Atlanta RV Rentals  has a fleet of over 30 RVs with multiples of each type. We may have to make a substitution, but it will always be of the same or higher value.

#8 – The last guy didn’t empty the tank.

The grey and black water tanks can fill up fast if they aren’t completely flushed. Something to check before you drive away that shared RV. You don’t want to get stuck cleaning up someone else’s mess. When you rent from a fleet manager, all tanks are completely flushed before every rental. North Atlanta RV Rentals  has a white glove drop off service, where you do no work at the end of your rental. Just drop and go.

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#7 – Ooops… outta bathroom tissue!

It’s got a driver’s seat and a steering wheel, so you’re good to go, right? Well, until nature calls, then it’s time to enjoy the bathroom….except it has no paper. Yikes! When you rent, the basics should be stocked. Professional fleet managers, like North Atlanta RV Rentals , make this part of their checklist.

#6 – Sketchy linen stains.

Are you sure the bed sheets and pillow covers were laundered after the last renter? Professional fleet managers thoroughly clean and launder RVs after each rental.

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#5 – That pet smell.

Fido has to go sometimes. North Atlanta RV Rentals  has a strict, no-pets policy. fresh rv rental smell

#4 – That cigarette smokey smell.

Filtered or unfiltered, regular or menthol…nobody likes 2nd hand cigarette smoke or the lingering smell. North Atlanta RV Rentals  has a strict no-smoking policy.

#3 – Electrical fires are no big deal, right?

Older RVs have a long history of epic parties, rain storms and poor maintenance. It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. When you rent from a professionally managed fleet, you get a newer, well maintained RV.

#2 – Changing flat tires is no fun.

Who doesn’t like changing tires on their car, right? It’s twice as much fun on an RV! But really, your RV should not have bald tires. Also, fleet owners have 24×7 roadside assistance included with your rental.  North Atlanta RV Rentals  has a 24×7 hotline to call for emergencies.

#1 – We never leave you stranded.

Renting an RV should be a stress-free experience. Shared RV owners might give you their personal phone number, but it’s up to them to answer it when you call…or return your call when you leave a voice mail. How long can you wait? Fleet owners have 24×7 roadside assistance included with your rental. North Atlanta RV Rentals has a 24×7 hotline to call for emergencies.

RV travel should be a painless and fun vacation. When you pick up your RV it should clean, with clean linen and stocked with everything you need for your trip. Renting from North Atlanta RV Rentals ensures you that your RV Rental will be cleaned, inspected and stocked before you get the keys. If you have questions, ask us. We’re happy to help.

Jen and Todd at North Atlanta RV Rentals

Thank you for considering North Atlanta RV Rentals!